Yes, we admit we made a few mistakes in the early edition, but like any product that comes on the market, it gets better with improvements as new concepts are applied. this is the same we have wonderful assistance from so many Alamo fans and collectors all with positive ways to improve this great movie 

 With their assistance the V7 version is now the last edition as we can’t go further unless by some change, we get cleaner directors cuts 

 the mistakes with frame rates and other progressing faults have now been removed 

At last a high quality 4K Edition 3840*1744 
This Disc  is so tight there was no room for a menu or Chapters  
A Small price to pa
y for a 4K  release

The Final edition : with the assistance of Dedicated John Wayne Alamo  fans . its their contribution that made this final version  the best possible and finest edition   

1 ALAMO  3D 2.jpg
The first full lentgh Alamo 3hr 22 min on a DVD


Restoration of the alamo  Restoration of the  Alamo 
Read what we are offereing 


Blu Ray of the Director’s Cut of John Wayne’s -- The Alamo

Ever since a Laser Disc was released in 1990 of the full 202 minute Roadshow version of The Alamo, dealers have been selling copies that have been transferred to either VHS or later to DVD.

Apart from just one quality release in the last 30 years – which is now out of print – every DVD of the Roadshow version on sale anywhere in the world is still being taken from that 30 year old analogue Laser Disc – they won’t fill your widescreen TV and the picture is video tape quality.

We are proud to present the only official release in HD Blu-Ray of the Director’s Cut of John Wayne’s classic movie -- The Alamo.

We have taken the Blu Ray of the 162 minute version, originally released by us 2 years ago, and edited in the 18 deleted scenes

missing from the Roadshow release.


These scenes have been digitally restored and carefully blended in to create the finest home media release of this wonderful film.

The image quality between these elements vary slightly and thus a complete 1080 restoration will never be possible.


Nevertheless, the deleted scenes have been expertly blended in to the main narrative.

Our Blu Ray disc entitled “The Restoration of the Alamo” features –

·        A Region Free disc that can be played anywhere in the world

·        The full 202 minute movie as originally released in 1960 and exactly as John Wayne intended The Alamo to be seen

·        The Overture, Intermission and Exit music from the Oscar nominated score by   Dimitri Tiomkin

·        All 18 deleted scenes totalling over 30 minutes of screen time

·        A fabulous HD Blu Ray quality image for the non-deleted scenes

·        Digitally restored images for the 18 deleted scenes

·        The original TODD-AO widescreen ratio of 2.20:1

·        A Dolby Stereo soundtrack restoring audio depth and dynamism to a movie that won the Oscar for “Best Sound” 

·        A newly designed Blu Ray sleeve featuring original artwork from the movie

PLEASE NOTE: The deleted scenes from The Alamo are from the only existing source available and despite using the latest technology to enhance the image, they are still slightly inferior in picture quality to the rest of the movie.

However, we believe the images are still perfectly acceptable and will in no way affect your enjoyment of this film.

 “The Restoration of the Alamo” has been certified as a new product under Australian law and is Copyright Free and Region Free

ALL our movies comply with all of the Motion Picture Film Integrity Acts  and all requirement if ACC as a new product