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Game Set and Match    Original Tv series 
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In 1988 Granada TV broadcast a 13-part TV adaptation - in prime time - of the first three novels in Deighton's Samson series: Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match. The series was presented as Game, Set and Match.

It was  with an all-star cast of top British actors and received well - mostly - by critics. However, the ITV adaptation - with Ian Holm as Bernard Samson - failed to match Deighton's expectations and the producers, evidently, had their own vision for how things would proceed. As a result, Deighton declined to license further broadcasts or DVD distributions, instead buying up the rights.

CAST Ian HolmMichael CulverMichael DegenMel MartinGottfried JohnAnthony Bate

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BERLIN GAME:  Bernard Samson is born in Berlin and has earlier been stationed there as an intelligence officer. Now he has been behind a desk in Whitehall for five years and his bosses decides that he is the right man to send in to East Berlin. Their most successful source is acting strange and a lot of traces points to a traitor, this traitor turns out to be his wife.

 MEXICAN SET: Bernard Samson wife is disclosed as a double agent and defects, and the KGB traitor in London make his more. Stinnes invites Bernard to Mexico to set up the defection

LONDON MATCH:The KGB major Erich Stinnes has defected to the West. During the interrogations with him suspicious about a leak inside the British intelligence grows so strong that everything seems threatened. Bernard Samson suspects several of his closest bosses and he realizes that they probably suspect him since his wife turned out to be a double agent and defected.


We have add 12 more minutes in this edition that was not in the original tv series only the retail edition 



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