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We have a collection of Rare 3D Movies as shown in Threatre

These  original were available from Canon Production in Japan back in 1970-1980 in  vinal Disc .. Under licence they were reproduced to the latest side by side  for use in the home markets 

Whist type quality remains in that era  they are collectable and appreciated by 3D lovers world wide 


We now include many in HD quality 

Australian Classic Movies Restoration Co

The Australian Restoration Movie Co.


How we started

It all started back in the 1970s when 3D movies were only available in Japan, where they were released on Laser Disc by Cannon and Pioneer.

At that time 3D was sold as “Shutter 3D” with active battery glasses and could only be watched on the old CRT TV sets of yesteryear.

In 1985 we reached an agreement with the distributors in Japan to remaster these discs onto DVD and sell them worldwide on Ebay. They sold like hot cakes for a few years until the advent of digital TVs which weren’t compatible with our new format.


Over in Japan, Cannon had ceased trading as 3D Laser disc sales no longer had a market, so we took up their entire back catalogue and set about finding a way to play these movies on digital TVs. After spending considerable time and money we produced what is now called – Side by Side 3D.

The beauty of our system is that these movies only require standard active battery glasses and work on any digital 3D TV worldwide. Side by Side 3D proved to be a tremendous success and has given us the springboard to make the Australian Restoration Movie Co what it is today.


Our catalogue now goes far beyond just 3D titles and offers EXCLUSIVE releases that you will not find anywhere else on the web or in shops.

We don’t deal in copied or pirated movies – every title in our catalogue is from either an original copyright free source or we own the copyright because we have significantly restored or upgraded the title, thus making it a “new product” under international copyright law.



3D Movies

We have two exclusive 3D ranges –

3D Movies – these are classics mainly from the 1950s and 60s and are taken from the original analogue Laser discs. Image quality can vary between good to excellent, depending on their age and how well they were treated by the original distributor. Our title Friday 13th is still considered to offer the best out of screen experience.


Cinephile Natural 3D – these are all from digital sources and provide high quality images with Dolby Digital sound.  Natural 3D process is designed to draw the audience into the action and drama for a more realistic and satisfying experience. Hitchcock used it most successfully in Dial M for Murder but it is in widescreen outdoor epics that it truly comes into its own. Action on the screen has never looked so thrilling and convincing as in Natural 3D.


Colorized movies

We have two exclusive Colorized ranges –

Colorized Movies – Colorized movies had their heyday back in the 1970s and early 80s when Ted Turner of TCM and other companies saw an opportunity to resell many of the old 1930/40 black and white classics in colour. They were all released on analogue VHS tapes but tended to have softer focus and paler colours.

We have remastered the best of them onto DVD but picture quality does vary depending on the age of the film, the original source and who colorized them. Even so, we are sure you will still enjoy these collector’s items.

Cinephile Colorized Films – These are in most cases films from the 1950/60s and have been digitally colorized. They usually have crisper images and more vibrant colours. Some collectors prefer the more subtle colouring of the analogue films but we are quite sure that, whatever your choice, you will not be disappointed.


Vault Movies

Our Vault series contains wonderful old rare and collectable movie classics that have literally lain forgotten in the “vaults” of the film companies – hence their name. US legislation has given them copyright free status but they may only be sold directly to the public and not through retail outlets.

The original releases were on VHS or DVD and depending on the original time of production, the image quality of these movies will vary from good to excellent. 


Cinephile 4k Blu Ray Films

Although many of the titles in this range are available on standard Blu Ray by the major studios, none so far have been released in 4K.

We wanted to do something special for our loyal customers and film fans worldwide, so working with new technology, we produced an exclusive series of outstanding movies in 4k 3840 x 1744 resolution. Most are in Dolby 5.1 audio with beautiful images, perfect whites, deepest blacks and brilliant colours.

However, these classic movies fall just short of full UHD but are extremely popular as no retail 4K versions exist. If you expect a full blown 4K then sorry but that is not possible at the moment, but these releases are far superior to any DVD and better than any standard Blu Ray.

Please note that the amount of memory required to produce these on a Blu Ray disc, prevents us offering a menu but there is a full chapter list.

Depending on the original make up of these movies, we use either the HDR10 or Dolby Vision formats to produce these discs.

Some budget 4k TVs do not accept these formats and therefore we must ask that you carefully check that your 4K TV and 4K player will accept these formats before buying the movies.

Postage on any returns, caused by this issue, will have to be paid by the purchaser.


Cinephile Almost 4K Films

These are something we are very excited about and are exclusive to us.

Full 4K requires a dedicated 4K Blu Ray player but these titles offer you almost 4k image quality from a standard Blu Ray player.

This new format was developed by ourselves and our colleagues in Spain.

Using a special upgrade process that takes approximately 4 hours for each movie, it takes a normal Blu Ray and reproduces it with super crisp images, jet black blacks, sparkling whites and dynamic colours --  making them “new products” by Law and provides us the copyright.









Movie Restoration

Apart from searching for and remastering rare and collectible movies, as film lovers there are two productions that are particularly close to our hearts. Both have been sadly neglected by the home media industry and it became an almost personal obsession to restore them as much as humanly possible to how they looked when first

 released. These versions are exclusive to us and for which we own the copyright.


Game Set and Match  

In 1988 Granada TV broadcast a 13-part TV adaptation of the first three novels in Len Deighton's spy series Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match. The TV series was titled Game, Set and Match.

It had an all-star cast of top British actors and was well received by the public and critics. However, the TV adaptation did not meet with Deighton's expectations. As a result, Deighton declined to license further broadcasts or DVD distributions, instead he bought up the rights. As a result it has never been released on VHS or DVD.


We decided, foolishly perhaps, that this wonderful series should be made available for the public to enjoy and appreciate.

Over a 12 years period we spent a small fortune advertising in local newspapers across the world for anyone who might have a copy. Luckily we managed to find a number of versions, in various qualities and lengths, and we bought them at ridiculous costs.

Slowly we edited together the best parts from about 30 sets and created an edition of Game Set & Match that is not only as complete as originally broadcast but actually includes sections that were not shown on TV in some countries.

All the colours had to be corrected to ensure uniformity from both Pal and NTSC editions, the soundtrack cleaned up and the video remastered to provide the best possible image.

In February this year we used new software to further improve this labour of love. We are particularly pleased with the new colour correction and that we were able to further improve the focus

We are delighted to offer you this wonderful series in an exclusive edition that presents the best possible video and sound quality.   Bob  Include link to webpage


John Wayne’s The Alamo – The Restoration

Hard to believe that one of the most popular westerns by the biggest star in Hollywood has been neglected by the industry!


Cut by over 30 minutes after its initial Roadshow engagements in 1960, the only full length version ever released was on a now defunct Laser Disc in 1992. Since then we have been waiting for a quality DVD of the 202 minute director’s cut – but all we could buy were cheap copies of the analogue Laser disc with all the inherent failings of analogue media – not full width for a widescreen TV, black bars at the sides and sub VHS quality.

MGM released a DVD of the edited 162 minute version back in 1999. The only surviving print of the full 202 minute Roadshow version has long since deteriorated to such a degree that a complete Blu Ray restoration will never be possible.


Well, we love this movie and decided that if the big boys wouldn’t restore it, we would give it a try. It’s taken a number of years, and a few tears, but by using the latest software we think we’ve finally cracked it.


Taking the best source available and using new state of the art software, we were able to digitally restore the movie to its full length including all 18 deleted scenes.

We are now able to offer for the first time on Blu Ray the full 202 minute original Roadshow version of The Alamo in stunning High Definition and Region Free.


Available in three fabulous versions exclusive to the

Australian Movie Restoration Company.


  • Blu Ray --  1080 x 1920 resolution and Dolby Digital Stereo sound

  • Natural 3D – The Natural 3D process is designed to draw the audience into the action and drama for a more realistic and satisfying experience. It has1080 x 1920 resolution and Dolby Digital Stereo sound in the 3D Side by Side format. Can be played on any 3D television worldwide.

  • DVD -- Our DVD has been taken directly from the Blu Ray master. We have reduced the Bit Rate to fit a DVD disc but quality loss is minimal and although  there is a slight image difference between Blu-ray and DVD, you will be delighted at the results.


Each release offers you.

  • A Region Free disc that can be played anywhere in the world

  • The full 202 minute movie as originally released in 1960 and exactly as John Wayne intended The Alamo to be seen.

  • The Overture, Intermission and Exit music from the award winning score by Dimitri Tiomkin

  • All 18 deleted scenes totalling over 30 minutes of screen time

  • Beautifully consistent images

  • Full menu and extensive chapter stops

  •    The original TODD-AO widescreen ratio of 2.20:1 in glorious          

  •    A Dolby Stereo soundtrack restoring audio depth and dynamism to a  

movie that won the Oscar for “Best Sound” 

  •    Newly designed case sleeves featuring original artwork from the movie



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John Wayne’s dream

John Wayne’s dream was to produce, direct and star in this true story set during  war of Texan independence from Mexico in 1836. Filmed entirely in Texas and just 150 miles from San Antonio, the actual site of the Alamo, he created an exciting and unforgettable film recalling the battle. It is one of the most heroic in American history, where a small band of 185 volunteers, including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, held off an army of 5000 for 13 glorious days in a crumbling old adobe old mission called -- The Alamo.


The filming and release of The Alamo

In 1959 The Alamo was the most expensive film ever made in the USA. It also starred Laurence Harvey, Richard Widmark, Frankie Avalon and Richard Boone and literally a cast of 1000s!

Audiences loved it and The London Times in 1960 said “action and battle on the screen have never been more convincingly portrayed than in the final storming of the mission church".

It was nominated for 6 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Score, Best Sound and Best Cinematography.

After its initial release in 1960, The Alamo was cut by over 30 minutes to allow more daily cinema showings and the overture, intermission and exit music were also removed. The only surviving print of the full 202 minute Roadshow version has long since deteriorated to such a degree that a complete 1080 restoration will never be possible.



Learn more about The Alamo -

  • Full cast and background to the film

  • A tour of the Alamo film site.

  • The film score by Dimitri Tiomkin

  • Details of the deleted scenes

  • A full length documentary on the making of The Alamo

  • Examples of restored deleted scenes from The Alamo