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.Excellent quality on all 3 Movies 1080P HD 3D " Jaws 3D An ocean-themed Florida amusement park comes under attack from an angry Great White shark in this third installment of the horror series. The film maintains only a loose relationship to the original Steven Spielberg hit, centering on Mike (Dennis Quaid) and Sean (John Putch), the sons of police chief Martin Brody (originally played by Roy Scheider). Mike works at Sea World, where a baby Great White shark has accidentially been let into the park. Soon, the baby's vicious and extremely powerful mother comes in search of her child. The film focuses most of its attention on the series of tense shark attacks that follow, as tourists run for their lives while the park workers struggle to destroy the sharp-toothed beast. The suspense sequences were made somewhat more memorable during the film's original release with 3-D photography gog Early, pre-space-age science fiction movies are among my favorites of the genre. from the 1940s through the 1950s, films having to deal with this wild and advancing age of computers and space exploration had to rely on known science and then when that failed to create a cohesive plot, the filmmakers were forced to fill the gaps of their stories with pseudo-science. If the characters were written intelligently and the actor's playing their respective roles sounded like they knew their stuff, the audience was rarely ever the wiser. Herbert L. Strock's 1954 3D opus 'GOG' from a screenplay by Tom Taggert based on a short story by Ivan Tors is just that sort of science fiction. 'GOG' is a silly movie that sounds smart as it works to create a murder mystery thriller showcasing the slim grasp man actually has on science and technology House of Wax Vincent price Horror,this movie was the best viewed 3d of its kind in the year it was released . it grossed more that Bawana Devil

3D Bluray ,3 JAWS: Gog: House of Wax REAL 3D HDHQ

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