Australian Classic Movie Restoration Co has taken the Blu Ray of the 162 minute version, originally released by them two years ago, and by using the best film sources available and the latest technology, have digitally restored and then carefully blended in all 18 deleted scenes to create the finest home media Roadshow release of this outstanding film.

PLEASE NOTE: It is impossible for the image quality of the deleted scenes to perfectly match those of the original Blu Ray but they have been expertly blended in to the main narrative and should not affect your enjoyment of this film.


Three exclusive editions available only from the

Australian Classic Movie Restoration Co

DVD, Blu Ray and fabulous 4K

Each edition entitled “The Alamo – The Restoration” features:

  • A Region Free disc that can be played anywhere in the world
  • The full 202 minute movie as originally released in 1960 and exactly as John Wayne intended The Alamo to be seen.
  • The Overture, Intermission and Exit music from the award winning score by Dimitri Tiomkin
  • All 18 deleted scenes totalling over 30 minutes of screen time
  • A fabulous high quality image for the non-deleted scenes

               DVD –             xxxx x xxxx

               Blu Ray --      1920 x 1080

               Blu ray 4k --  3840 x 1744 (Requires a 4K player and 4K TV

  • Digitally restored images for the 18 deleted scenes
  • The original TODD-AO widescreen ratio of 2.20:1
  • A Dolby Stereo soundtrack restoring audio depth and dynamism to a movie that won the Oscar for “Best Sound”
  • Newly designed case sleeves featuring original artwork from the movie

Alamo Directors cuts Bluray ver 5

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