Forget the gimmicks that you expect from normal 3D – there won’t be anything popping out of the screen and into your lap.

Instead this Natural 3D process is designed to draw the audience into the action and drama for a more realistic and satisfying experience.

Hitchcock used it most successfully in Dial M for Murder but it is in widescreen outdoor epics like The Alamo that it truly comes into its own.

Action on the screen has never looked so thrilling and convincing as in Natural 3D.

This post production side by side 3D release of The Alamo is a world first combining Natural 3D with a stunning Blu Ray HD image

and incredible Dolby Surround Sound for the battle sequences.

For a truly unforgettable movie experience, sit back and watch this wonderful film on your

large screen 3D TV and sound system. It’ll take you right into the heart of the excitement and spectacle at -- The Alamo.

Please note that the image quality of deleted scenes that have been restored to this Director’s cut is slightly inferior to the rest of the movie owing to the source material.

Alamo in Natural 3D suitable for all 3D TV world wide

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