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One particular infantry platoon of the thousands that went through the Normandy invasion during WW II provides the focus in this battle film, but it is the authentic as well as the manufactured war footage that sustains the action. A small group of veteran infantry men marches across

Normandy, commanded by a tough captain, Brian, and led in the field by a green lieutenant, Agar. The scenes necessarily are episodic in nature as they show the fighting of individuals and the effect war has on the men, but they are enlivened by the staged and real clashes. Among the interesting

portrayals are those by Campbell, a politically ambitious soldier, and Agar, since the story deals mainly with his gaining battle experience. Lovejoy delivers a seasoned performance as the wise sergeant, and Brian likewise as the tough company commander. The story was based on some true adventures

of Breen, but the film scripters, in attempting to show a balanced picture of the war, weakened its impact and left a few holes and unclarified switches, such as Brian's suddenly becoming a psycho case at the end.

Breakthrough EXTREAMLY RARE Movie on DVD Richard Burton

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