Within that list was another hugely popular sub-genre – the prisoner of war movie. The likes of The Colditz StoryThe Wooden Horse and The Camp on Blood Island were all produced during that 10-year spell. We can also add Danger Within to the list.

“Traitor in their midst”

It’s a wonderfully taut mix of melodrama, whodunit and mystery starring several actors well known for their stiff upper lips – Bernard Lee, Richard Todd, William Franklyn and Richard Attenborough; the last on the list would later star in perhaps the most famous PoW film ever made, The Great Escape.

The quartet play members of the British armed services being held captive in an Italian camp run by the sadistic Capitano Benucci. Todd is the leader of the escape committee who, after a seemingly foolproof plan is scuppered, believes there is a traitor in their midst.

Danger Within war

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