at last haunted castle transfered for a shutter version  : this is classisc Imax at its best  

huge out of screen effects 


Dynasty   war lord great out of screen 3d    real 3d   HD QUALITY 


A Prince (Ying Bai) is accused of Treason.  Two assassins are tasked to bring the Prince to justice.  One assassin (David Wei Tang) chooses to infiltrate the Prince’s palace as a friend and possibly more… The other assassin (Tao-Liang Tan) chooses blunt force vengeance as the Prince is also responsible for the murder of his family.  It is only a matter of time until the three face off. 

If one has seen many Martial Arts films from this era, one will know this story all too well.  Most of these types of Castle Intrigue films are dependent on the action and how it unfolds.  Luckily for Dynasty its ace is the 3D which is quite good.  Those watching in 2D will quickly tire of the sight gags and how the film is shot, which is solely designed for 3D.  Those that do watch it in 3D will find a unique experience.  

Dynasty isn’t a bad film, but it isn’t the great wild experience that say Master of the Flying Guillotine was and still is.  

 and removable subs  


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Haunted castle / Dynasty Real 3D in your lap 3D effects HD

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