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i came across a copy of this film at a used video store in philadelphia.several things make this movie a rather enjoyable crime caper.the french location shots,the overall acting and the basic plot.the plot involves a plan by a master criminal to hold hostage the eiffel tower! the overall look of the film is good,the producers chose wisely in having a decent budget,and it shows all the way through.too many films like this always have budgets that are too small.anyway, the terrorist employ a bevy of high tech gadgets to keep the authorities at bay during the siege. one of these are laser beams.this gives parts of the movie a little bit of a science fiction flavor .the film is also enjoyable because it bothers to show the large amount of prep work our villains have to go through to gain their objective. in a worse film ,the bad guys just show up with their hardware ,and the audience is just to accept that these guys have this stuff just lying around. although the premise of the movie is a little over the top ,the film does not employ a great deal of sex ,blood ,or violence.film stars big name actors and you can't go wrong with a big name or two.overall this film is a good time filler.i have never seen this on television ,but at one time it was available on video in the 80's. it's currently out of print find a used copy and enjoy

Hostage Tower by Alistair Macleen Heist Movie

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