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we would love to say it perfect  but that impossible \

But we can say its exclusive 

Great quality  Picture for 96%  and then the cuts are slightly lower in quality 

Its beautifull to wach   and the new sound on the battle field will fill the room 

“The Alamo – The Restoration” Blu Ray



Yes, it has been 30 years in the making – ever since the Laser Disc of the Roadshow version was released in 1992, we have been waiting for a Blu Ray of the 202 minute director’s cut – but what have we been offered ? – just cheap DVD copies of the analogue Laser disc from every cowboy seller from California to Hong Kong. All complete with the inherent failings of analogue media – not full width for a widescreen TV, black bars at the sides and sub VHS quality. OK, one was of good quality but it was Region B only and now long out of print.

The sleeves went from crude to professional but the discs were all the same crap quality.

The MGM studio released a DVD of the edited 162 minute version and that was it !

Well, after waiting 30 years The Australian Classic Movie Restoration Co have done what the bigger studios should have done years ago and taken the Blu Ray of the 162 minute version, originally released by them two years ago, and by using the best film sources available and the latest technology, have digitally restored and then carefully blended in all 18 deleted scenes to create the world’s first and only completely restored release of The Alamo designed for today’s TVs in HD quality video and in the correct 2.20:1 widescreen format.


Before you spend another penny on inferior products, here is what our Blu Ray of “The Alamo – The Restoration” exclusively offers you –

  • A Region Free disc that can be played anywhere in the world
  • The full 202 minute movie as originally released in 1960 and exactly as John Wayne intended The Alamo to be seen.
  • The Overture, Intermission and Exit music from the award winning score by Dimitri Tiomkin
  • All 18 deleted scenes totalling over 30 minutes of screen time
  • A fabulous 1920 x 1080 Blu Ray image for the non-deleted scenes
  • Digitally restored and enhanced images for the 18 deleted scenes
  •    The original TODD-AO widescreen ratio of 2.20:1
  •    A Dolby Stereo soundtrack restoring audio depth and dynamism to a  

   movie that won the Oscar for “Best Sound”

  •   Newly designed case sleeves featuring original artwork from the movie





John Wayne’s dream

John Wayne’s dream was to produce, direct and star in this true story set during Texas's war of independence from Mexico in 1836. Filmed entirely in Texas and just 150 miles from San Antonio, the actual site of the Alamo, he created an exciting and unforgettable film recalling the battle. It is one of the most heroic in American history, where a small band of 185 volunteers, including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, held off an army of 5000 for 13 glorious days in a crumbling old adobe old mission called -- The Alamo.


The filming and release of The Alamo

At the time, The Alamo was the most expensive film ever made in the USA and also starred Laurence Harvey, Richard Widmark, Frankie Avalon and Richard Boone and literally a cast of 1000s!

Audiences loved it and The London Times in 1960 said “action and battle on the screen have never been more convincingly portrayed than in the final storming of the mission church".

The Alamo was nominated for 6 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Score, Best Sound and Best Cinematography.

After its initial release in 1960, it was cut by over 30 minutes to allow more daily cinema showings and the overture, intermission and exit music were also removed. The only surviving print of the full 202 minute Roadshow version has long since deteriorated to such a degree that a complete 1080 restoration is never going to be possible.


Please Note: We are delighted with the image quality of our Blu Ray release of The Alamo but is impossible for the quality of the deleted scenes, taken from the Laser source, to perfectly match those of the rest of the movie. However, they have been expertly remastered and carefully blended into the main narrative and should not affect your enjoyment of this film in any way.


Learn more about The Alamo -

  • Full cast and background to the film

  • A tour of the Alamo film site.

  • The film score by Dimitri Tiomkin

  • Details of the deleted scenes

  • A full length documentary on the making of The Alamo

  • Examples of restored deleted scenes from The Alamo

  • The history of the Battle of The Alamo

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