SERGEANT YORK stars Gary Cooper as Alvin York, a good-hearted, but hard drinking farmer in the Tennessee hills. His claim to fame is his astounding marksmanship. On his way to kill someone who cheated him, lightning knocks him off his horse and splits his rifle down the middle. Alvin takes this as confirmation from God of some lessons taught him by the local pastor. He immediately goes to get saved. Alvin forgives those who mistreated him, becomes an active church member and teaches Bible lessons to children. He’s drafted and goes to serve after three conscientious objection appeals fail. He and an officer get into a Scripture-quoting contest about justified killing. He’s sent on leave with a book about American history. He returns prepared to fight.


SERGEANT YORK is one of the most unabashed Christian conversion movies ever made by Hollywood. York’s conversion is clearly shown to have a very positive impact. He gives up drinking, forgives people who’ve truly wronged him and has peace in his heart rather than anger. SERGEANT YORK is a must-see masterpiece, with a masterful performance by Gary Cooper.

Sergent York Colorization dvd Rare

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