Gary Cole plays George Custer in this two-part, made-for-TV movie about his career as a post-Civil War Indian fighter.

He’s portrayed as a man who fears his fame and Civil War glory is slipping away, who’s frustrated by the fact that he’s no longer wearing a general’s star.

He’s anxious for any opportunity at glory, convinced of his ability to defeat any foe on the battlefield, if that foe will just stand and fight.

But he’s also a man with a knack for getting in trouble with his superiors and frequently in danger of losing the opportunity to lead the 7th Cavalry into battle.

The story is told through the eyes of two women, Custer’s wife (Rosanna Arquette) and an Indian girl named Kate Bighead, who saw Custer for the first time as a young girl, then later when he attacked her village at the Washita River.

The latter helps share the story of Crazy Horse and why Custer’s Last Stand became the Indian’s last stand as well.

Son Of The Morning Star

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