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After serving as a spy for England during WW I, Hawkins is planted in Germany. As the Nazi power grows, Hawkins infiltrates and soon becomes a general in the Nazi war machine. While maintaining the facade, the British agent feeds information to his fellow Englishman, Aylmer, who disguises

himself as a clock salesman. However, Aylmer is caught and murdered for his actions, leaving Hawkins alone. He is suspected at first but manages to overcome this and continue his espionage. His next contact is Scala, a beautiful singer he pretends to love so he can feed more information to

England. However, he does fall in love and plans to return to England with her. Finally, though, his ruse is discovered and he must flee home as Schumann, his Gestapo aide, murders Scala. Based on truth, this is an interesting and well-told spy picture that nicely builds its levels of tension.

Though too much documentary footage is used to pad out the historical ends, the cast give good performances that really make this story work. Hawkins is convincing as the agent, well supported by Scala's relatively minor role, and Schumann is appropriately evil as the aide. Watch for an early

appearance by Caine as a Nazi. The direction handles the story's inherent trickiness with great skill, always holding the proper balance between seeming safety and fear


TWO HEADED SPY British war Rare DVD

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