Collectable Movies

We only sell movies that fall into collectable RARE, not general issues

This series are for the collector to own Rare movies that are on original or the Industries Movie On demand

  All movies are on dvd-r with art work as required by the international standard of the motion Picture industry ,MOD

All movies in this series have been cleared to meet the countries legal requires on copyright and sales , also on condition of web platforms

All movies are in English only and Region Free

The condition is : some of these have no been upgraded from the first release so they are not as good as todays standards 

Most were made back in 1960 to 1970 and all are not available in any formal DVD  retail shop today

Some from other countries other than USA , but only in English

We are in contact with the Motion picture industry ,Warner, Universal and 50 or so others to upgrades as  they are releasing on MOD